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        PerforMAX3IQ 靜電控制系統


        PerforMAX® IQ and PerforMAX® IQ HL

        The PerforMAX IQ is an intelligent air ionization system that enables the user to be in charge of static electricity. It is designed to efficiently neutralize electrostatic charges on films, paper, non-wovens and fabric in web or sheet form. Due to its high output and range, the PerforMAX IQ is also ideal for applications such as blow molding and injection molding. The PerforMAX IQ is also available in a version listed for use in Class 1, Division 1, Group D hazardous locations making it the perfect solution for solvent coating and rotogravure processes.

        The PerforMAX IQ uses an entirely new static bar design utilizing emitter points constructed of special alloys for extended operation and to provide maximum neutralization of high static charges on high speed and distance applications. The IQ bars include a unique connection design which enables the power supply to recognize the application requirement and automatically set the output power necessary for the installation. The PerforMAX IQ power supply is equipped with a single momentary push-button calibration design that simplifies the set-up.

        The PerforMAX IQ system ensures complete static control by providing constant self-diagnosis information along with continuous downstream monitoring of the static charges on the web. The web monitoring module uses closed-loop feedback to fine tune the performance of the system. The web monitor also provides local and remote downstream web charge indication along with programmable alarm set-point features for activating a remote alarm or triggering a PLC to shut down the process should a problem arise.

        The PerforMAX IQ system is also designed to incorporate a communication module to provide an interface link from the IQ system to a PLC or computer master, with software or a number of common fieldbus network configurations such as Profibus, DeviceNet, EtherNet or Modbus as examples.

        Features and Benefits

        • High output long range ionization is ideal for unwind and rewind rolls.
        • Efficient neutralization with ranges up to 30 inches and web speeds to 3,000 fpm.
        • Available in hazardous location (HL) versions for Classes I, II and III environments.
        • Optional Web Monitor Module: with multiple probe capability for downstream static charge identification and closed-loop system control, automatically controls the power supply resulting in the ultimate neutralizing efficiency.
        • Optional Communication Module: with computer interface and software or fieldbus network capability for remote monitoring and performance logging.
        • Bar Graph Display: indicates the status of the neutralizing system, including when the static bar requires cleaning.
        • Current-limited emitter point design of static bar will not cause shocks to personnel if points are contacted when the static bar is on.
        • Relay contacts allow remote on/off control and output capability for diagnostic and alarm signals as required.




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